Reader question: chapters in future books

Barry says: Will future volumes have chapters / delineated sections of some kind? It’s hard to keep track of right where I left off.

Robin says: Thanks for your question, Barry. This series will not have chapters or sections delineated beyond the *** format. I find that chapters create arbitrary breaks in the flow of the story, and I prefer to have control over that myself.

In fact I did consider having no scene breaks whatsoever, writing the entire two months covered (on Earth) in Monsters Like Me from beginning to end without pause in order to emphasize the type of life Matías is leading… but that would have been tiresome for more than only Matías, so I didn’t. As it is, there is only a break when I chose to skip time.

I’m sorry that makes it difficult for you to find your place! Of course in the Kindle edition, you can jump to different sections in the side menu. If you’re reading paperback, I might point out that there are some incredibly cute bookmarks in the store 😉