Name: Jey Awjakawa
In Awjakawa’s society, the family name comes first and the given name second. Members of the Jey family were once the rulers of Bawklazh, the country Awjakawa calls home, and many of them are still involved in politics to this day. Awjakawa himself can’t imagine such a demanding public position, however.

Species and home planet: Wa’izh from Erawme
Awjakawa lives on the sprawling northeastern continent, Erawklazh. Interesting that he and Worzhaw return the same initial answer here, isn’t it?

Age: The equivalent of 36 human years

Number of legs: Two

Profession: Program Implementation Support Director
If you think this sounds boring, you and Awjakawa might be in secret agreement.

Likes: Interesting stories, children, live music

Dislikes: Being unprepared for a situation, strong scents, boredom